Development History

The company was listed in one of the first seven ”Urban Minerals”demonstration basement which is approved by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance; The company’s post-doctor work station was promoted to “National post-doctor station”.


The company was officially established "Ningbo Metallurgical Materials Engineering Technology Center” with the permission of the Science and Technology Committee ,Program Production Committee and Finance Bureau. In the same year, the standard copper cathodes of JINTIAN brand appeared on the SHFE,which was the first company in Zhejiang smelting industry.


Set up the ”Ningbo KeTian Magnet Co.,Ltd”,the main marketing magnetic materials and devices,rare earth materials etc. The company changed the name to “Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group)Co.,Ltd”


Built the Ningbo Jintian Electrician Material Factory, the main product isenamelled wire and the second product is electrician material .”Ningbo Jintian Copper Corporation” was renamed to“Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Company”


Ningbo Da Song Matel Industrial Company” renamed to“Ningbo Jintian Copper Corporation”. Built the new smelting plant and purchased the advanced oxygen-free copper production line equipment to manufacture oxygen free copper rod.

el Factory” and “Ningbo The First Copper Bar Branch Plant”


Established “Ningbo Da Song Matel Industrial Company”  under the jurisdiction of "of Ningbo First Copper Bar Factory", "Ningbo Miao Shan Plate &Strip Factory",”Ningbo Miao Shan Abrasive Wheel Factory” and “Ningbo The First Copper Bar Branch Plant”


“Ningbo Miao Shan Welfare Copper Factory”added another name of “Ningbo Miao Shan Abrasive Wheel Factory”,it has two different brands but in one leader team .In the same year, the factory successfully developed and produced H59,H62 copper bar.


The company founder Lou Guoqiang as “NingboMiao Shan welfare Machinery Hardware Factory”director,andrenamed the factory  as “Ningbo Miao Shan Welfare Copper Factory”,the main business was copper material and the concurrent was machinery, metal and plastic.